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Our services in Mexico vending machines

At Sivendign we are committed to be the best in the market, for that we offer you the following services:

Pago con tarjeta electrónica

It is a contract between Sivending and your company to give your employees a prepaid card to use in the vending machine installed.

Since you are not handling cash there is no risk that the machine will run out of coins or that these get stuck hence not delivering the product.

This system can be a benefit inside your company to your employees. It is NOT a credit card.

  • Si vending
    The cards are introduced in the machine reader and if the card has credit, the employee can buy
  • Si vending
    The cards are delivered personally to each employee in a sealed envelope with the instructions, and he signs for received
  • Si vending
    Each comes with a control number. OTBT (Sivending) will provide the company with a list of names of employees and their card number.
  • Si vending
    For monthly recharge card is inserted into the reader in the given month, and will be automatically credited the amount.
  • Si vending
    Any remaining credit from the previous month, it will be deleted or added to new (as agreed with your company), and start with the current month's credit.
Pago con tarjeta electronica maquinas vending

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