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Privacy Notice Sivending.

Based on Articles 15 and 16 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties we are aware that Sivending SAPI de CV . residing at Avenida Las Torres # 247 , Col. Las Palmas , CP 01110 , Del. Alvaro Obregon. Mexico City, is responsible for collecting personal data , the use that is given to them and their protection .
Your personal information will be used confidentially for the identification, operation, management, quality , reporting, evaluation, publicity , breeding and other purposes inherent in the services to you , keep in touch and be in a position to meet their suggestions.
For the above purposes, we need to obtain the following personal data:

  • Full Name.
  • R. F. C.
  • Address .
  • Landline and / or cell .
  • e-mail
  • Company or workplace

It is important to inform you of your right to access, rectification and cancellation of your personal data , to oppose the processing thereof or revoke consent for that purpose have given us , for it is necessary to send the request on the terms the Law in its Article 29 to our Department of Protection of Personal Data , located at Avenida Las Torres # 247 , Col. Las Palmas , CP 01110 , Del. Alvaro Obregon. Mexico DF , or, to communicate to your 5219.2530 or by email to

Sivending SAPI de CV . not transfer your personal information to third parties without your prior consent unless such transfer is necessary for the fulfillment of the obligations assumed by you.. 

If you do not wish to receive promotional messages from us , please send your request through email:
Sivending SAPI de CV . Reserves the right to change, modify, add and / or alter this notice at any time , in which case it will make your knowledge through